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An April Fool to Remember

Seems like Loki has targeted us as his victims for this year's April Fool trick, and the boundry between universes has melted away! We discover how life may have been if things had been different; we see other versions of ourselves; we meet people we never thought we'd actually get to chat with ;)

communiquills and hex_files are all mixed together! Have at it!

(If you haven't divulged your secret identities, I encourage you to pop over to this post and do so; you can also ask any questions about how this works there.)

ETA: If anyone wants to create a special thread for particular groups of people to congregate in (teaching staff, Death Eaters, Hufflepuffs, etc.), feel free to do so! Start a new thread and put a title in the subject line so it sticks out (replies in the thread may delete the subject). And if you email me or IM me with the link, I'll add it up in the post here so people can find it quickly :)

Specialty Threads
Full Moon Thread

ETA 2: With the thread getting so huge, I have made a post of tips and tools for easier reading, along with a list of (for now) the main parent threads that have been posted so far.

Some disclaimers: This is a public post, meaning that anyone can come in and read it.

Readers should be aware that threads may include explicitly sexual or violent actions/imagery, and should proceed accordingly.

Players are asked to play all sexually-active characters at a minimum age of 15; if Animagi will be featured, please warn for that in advance (a note in the comment's subject line will suffice).

This is meant to be completely cracky, but while there is very little restriction of content in general, please remember that due to the nature of the mixer, some players may find themselves uncomfortable when faced with a different version of their character or their character's loved ones. Everyone is free to request that another character leave them be, and this request MUST be followed without exception. This post may be shut down at anytime if any huge problems arise, though I know most of you well enough to be fairly sure that this paragraph is totally unnecessary :D
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